About us

About us

Aromas_e_Boletos___Sustainality_1Our DNA

The Aromas and Boletos born in 2012, is a young and dynamic company that was created with the passion of its founders for mycology, environment and sustainability. Our mission is the enhancement of mushroom and forest, the development of products using biotechnology with special emphasis on mycology with application of techniques that produce exotic and wild mushrooms ecologically, sustainable and socially responsible.




What we do?

      Through most modern mycelia development techniques, substrates and mycorrhizae, develop and market all products and services for the production of exotic and wild mushrooms. For this, we have a highly motivated and expert team in various areas of intervention. Using simple transformation processes of mushrooms, we developed unique products of excellence as dehydrated mushrooms with algae, honey, salt, olive oils and vinegars, flavored with all the most delicious and exotic wild mushrooms and even our mushroom risotto with seaweed.

How we do?

Laboratorio_de_Micologia_Aromas_e_Boletos      We have a laboratory with the latest technology for the development of mushroom mycelium, substrata, for research and innovation. In the area of ​​forest and, with operators registered by ICNF, we sell trees like chestnut trees, pines, oaks and holm oaks, among others, and produce fruit, also produce wild mushrooms such as Boletus edulis, black truffle and Lactarius deliciosus. In the area of ​​research, innovation and development, we strive to innovate both in the production of mushrooms, both in the food area. In order to give to know our clients and friends we do, we held workshops for producers and aficionados, showcookings, tastings and other activities in nature.




What drives us is the environment and sustainability.


selo_bioCERTIFICATION: Certiplanet PT-BIO -O4

We are a company with environmental concerns and that our mycelium production is certified biologically.

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Offices in Leiria: Tel: 244 025 090 Fax: 244 025 091 Mobile: 911 921 204


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