Mushroom Thistle dehydrated

Mushroom Thistle dehydrated

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30g bag of thistle mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) biological, dried and laminated. Certified organic production. Apo for Celiacs, Vegetarians and Vegan.   Format: 30 g of bag mushroom biological The equivalence between dehydrated mushroom and fresh: 1kg dehydrated mushroom equivalent to 8 kg of fresh mushrooms. Pleurotus eryngii: Mycological kind of aroma and delicate flavor. This mushroom is rich in protein, vitamins B group and D and zinc. Our advice: recommended to follow up with soft fish and white meat stews. How to use: Mushrooms are a food of high nutritional value, rich in fiber and vegetable proteins. Due to dehydration, we preserve all its components intact until the time of its preparation. To confeccionares reidratalos only need 12-24 hours before preparation. Depending on the recipe you choose, you'll be able to apply water, milk or beer. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated odor, once opened keep refrigerated.

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